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Our Story

EMA stands for Elizabeth, Michelle, and Andrea.
The three daughters of Mike and Jane Leeuw, owners of EMA Enteprises.

EMA Enterprises, based in the Kalamazoo, Michigan, is owned and operated by Mike Leeuw. EMA has three divisions; restaurants, catering, and concessions. Currently, EMA owns and operates eight restaurants. EMA also operates a catering company that caters a wide range of events serving 4 to 40,000 people. The concession sector of the company includes Western Michigan University, the , Kalamazoo Expo, and the Lansing Airport. Within the Lansing Airport the company franchises a Biggby Coffee.

Mike Leeuw began the company in 2006 with one restaurant, and has continued to grow the company into what EMA is today. All three children have been heavily involved in the growing of the company, and continue to work for EMA when they return home from their respective locations around the country.

EMA Catering
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Capital Region Airport Concessions
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