Where Can You Host Your Event in Portage, MI?

Where Can You Host Your Event in Portage, MI?

EMA Catering can accommodate up to 85 people

If you're looking for a space to hold your special event, turn to EMA Catering. Six of our locations have plenty of room to accommodate your guests. EMA Catering in Portage, MI has been serving the area since 2006. Your guests will be impressed with our beautiful banquet and meeting rooms and tasty food. If you use our food services, you can use our facility for free. Contact us today to learn more about our banquet rooms.

We offer six locations to choose from

There is no additional charge to use our space when food services are purchased

With banquet and meeting rooms in six different locations, you can choose a spot that works for you and your guests. Banquet rooms in our Michelle restaurant locations include:

  • A banquet room for 85 people at the Gull Road location
  • A banquet room for 35 people at the Portage location
  • Side room with a full-service bar that can hold 35 people at our Mattawan location
  • A meeting room that can hold 10 people at our Sprinkle location

Liz’s Parkview Café and Andrea’s Café have banquet rooms that seat up to 40 people. Book a room for your next special event today.

Are you looking to book a wedding? We partner with R&R Weddings & Events. Located next to our Vicksburg Michelle's location, they are a trusted spot for anyone looking to book a wedding. Check them out and congratulations on your big day.